Students riding Spin scooters at Texas State University campus

Spin operates e-scooter programs at more than 20 college campuses across the country. Our university partners choose to partner with Spin to bring e-scooters to campus to provide sustainable alternative transportation, giving students a quick and convenient way to arrive at class, fitness centers, labs, extracurricular activities, and more. E-scooters are a naturally socially distanced mode of transportation, which more University partners are seeing as a valuable amenity to add to campus as shuttles and buses are operating at lower capacity.

However, as 2020 brings new challenges and changes to campus life, a wonderfully simple reason to bring e-scooters to campus has presented itself: joy. E-scooters are becoming more than a means of essential transportation; they are providing a mental break and an opportunity to spark joy for students and faculty alike.

We caught up with our partners at Texas State University to explore this aspect of an e-scooter program on campus:

“College life has definitely been different from my past experience. I’m usually a lot more mobile than I was before and so that kind of created a different need. I’ve noticed that people just hop on a e-scooter just to relax, go and catch the breeze, or check out all the beautiful corners of campus.”

— Catching Valentinis-Dee, SGA President at Texas State University

In a campus environment where students and administration are concerned with mental, physical, and social well-being, it has become increasingly important for students to find outlets and take breaks from their dorms and apartments. For many Texas State students, e-scooters have been the vehicle to decompress and have fun. Students are taking longer trips than we’ve seen in the past and finding creative ways to spend time in a safe and socially distanced manner with friends on e-scooters.

As we head into a new semester in the spring, we look forward to working with our existing and new University partners to provide essential transportation through a safe, socially-distanced amenity that sparks joy on campus.

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