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Honoring Our Veterans

Honoring Our Veterans

Spin Spotlight: A Conversation with the Spin Veteran Employee Network

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When asked what important lesson she learned from her time in the military, Tiffany McKinley, a member of our Veteran Employee Network, answered, “Our differences should unite us, not divide us. I worked with people from all over the world, and we were able to get our work done and establish a strong camaraderie that united us, regardless of where we were from or of our differing beliefs.”

This message of unity is inspiring, and it’s reminiscent of one of the original intentions of the holiday that we celebrate every November 11th. Veterans Day was first called Armistice Day. It commemorated the end of World War I and was dedicated to the cause of world peace.

On this Veterans Day, we’re proud to shine the spotlight on members of our very own Veteran Employee Network. We asked them questions about their military experience and broached how their time in the service shaped who they are and what they bring to Spin.

How has your experience in the military impacted you and your career?

“It’s made me comfortable operating with uncertainty or rapidly changing situations.” — Michael Beck, Operations Manager
“The military was a great launching pad for me and my journey towards my career. I enlisted back in 2002 and was assigned the job of IT. This experience paved the way for my interest in tech, and the military benefits paid for my education!” — Tiffany McKinley, Senior UX Researcher
“[As a result of my military experience] I’ve tended to gravitate towards roles around crisis management, making sustaining engineering a good fit.” — Ramon Del Rosario, Director, Repair Ops, Quality and Sustaining

What is an important lesson you’ve learned from your experience in the military?

“Make a plan, execute it, and never quit. It’s helped me many times in my career. When others would give up, I simply adjust the plan and continue to attack my goals.”— Michael Beck, Operations Manager
“Always move forward. Even if you didn’t make the right decision or perform to the best of your ability, learn from it, correct your mistake, and move forward.”— Chad Brown, Operations Specialist
“Patience. There is so much in the military that impacts you negatively and is beyond your control. Many years of this has made me more patient and less frustrated.”— Daniel White, Operations Lead
“It is better to say ‘I don’t know, but I will find out’ then it is to pretend you know the answer.”— Josh Head, Director of Design

Share a cause related to Veterans that you’re passionate about and why.

“I’m passionate about the history of our country’s conflicts and have a deep appreciation for the great care that goes into building and maintaining memorials both here and overseas.”— Daniel White, Operations Lead
“The Warrior Surf Foundation. An organization that helps Marines like myself with PTSD related issues, be it from deployment or other underlying debilitations.”— Chad Brown, Operations Specialist
“I am passionate about helping veterans make the transition to civilian life, especially if they are discharged for medical reasons.”— Michael Beck, Operations Manager

Our team at Spin is composed of individuals from every walk of life. As the calendar turns and holidays are celebrated, we love to share their stories and show appreciation for the members of our diverse employee networks. On this occasion, we hope you enjoyed getting to know some of our Veterans, and we thank them for their service!

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