Our mission at Spin is to create a world full of 15-minute cities—cities where everything people need is easily accessible within a 15-minute scooter ride, bike ride, or walk. Achieving this requires a comprehensive effort, working hand-in-hand with government and community partners. It also requires something equally important: a new generation of vehicles built for the task.

Today, we are proud to introduce the brand new Spin S-100T, our first e-scooter built in-house. The "T" stands for tough. In designing S-100T, we took a page out of our parent company, Ford Motor Company's book, and made our scooter rugged and durable, built to thrive in a modern urban or campus environment. 

With an emphasis on safety, reliability, and sustainability, we crafted S-100T to earn the trust of our city, campus, and rider partners. Because a scooter you can't trust is a scooter you can't ride. 

Built for Reliability

As the only shared scooter with a 500W motor, combined with a reinforced frame design, S-100T is fully equipped to withstand the rigors of the city. And, we've spent countless hours in the lab testing these vehicles in the most extreme conditions:

  • 149ºF heat 
  • -4ºF cold
  • 95% humidity
  • 5% humidity
  • Saltwater fog 

During the testing phase, we sprayed the motors with high-pressure hoses, soaked them in saltwater, ran them at 1,000 rpm (double the top speed) 1,000 times, and followed that up with another 2,000 hours and 5,000 miles. In the end, the motor performance was as good as when they started. 

Built for Safety

Above is a video of curb impact testing performed on the 10" pneumatic wheels of S-100T.

S-100T is packed with features that will help keep our riders safe: 

  • Triple Braking System: With three discrete braking systems, S-100T can come to a complete stop in less than 15 feet. And, unlike other scooter brakes, all wires and brake lines are routed internally to prevent tampering. 
  • Status Light: S-100T comes equipped with a 360º status light near the handlebars to alert riders about reduced speed zones, no-ride zones, and geofences.  
  • Industry-Leading One-second Geofence Detection: In order to adhere to city compliance requirements such as no-ride zones or slow-speed zones.
  • High Visibility Lights: Extra-bright tail light is visible from 500ft away, the same brightness as that of a car. 
  • Dual-Leg Kickstand: Prevents tipping and keeps sidewalks clear and safe for pedestrians and non-riders. 

Built for Sustainability

Above is a video of the S-100T undergoing a vibration test which simulates 2 years of riding every day in just 12 hours. After running this vibration test, we ensure that the scooter is still functional. Our team also fully disassembles and inspects every component for signs of wear.

S-100T features continuous real-time onboard diagnostics for faster maintenance response that improves the lifespan of the vehicle and leverages 100 sensors to provide thousands of scooter-health data points every second.

With its durable, modular build and rigorously tested design, we anticipate that the S-100T will last for over three years. And with 576Wh swappable batteries with a 36-mile range, we'll have fewer transport vans on the road, which means a reduced carbon footprint. 

Raising the Bar 

At Spin, we are passionate about the future of transportation, and we know that for micromobility to reach its full potential, cities, campuses, and riders need to trust the vehicles they’re using. S-100T represents a dependable, reliable, safe commuting option integrated into a city's transportation system. The release of our seventh-generation vehicle further establishes micromobility as a driving force in the evolution of transportation and cities. And, it puts us one step closer to helping create a world full of 15-minute cities.