As we roll out the next 500 bikes in Seattle, we’d like to celebrate this milestone with the announcement of Spin Local.

Our riders love the new freedom that Spin gives them. Some of our favorite stories from riders talk about how they can now conveniently swing by their neighborhood stores — whether to pick up groceries or take out — on their way home. We want to take that to the next level.

Spin Local is our newest product that drives our riders to local businesses.

We want to help local business thrive, while rewarding our riders who have made Spin part of their daily lives.

How does Spin Local work?

It’s pretty simple. Ride a Spin to a participating retailer or restaurant, and look for this poster right by the register —

After you make a purchase, tap the scan button — the very same button you use to unlock your bike — and point it QR code.

You’ll get the cost of your ride over credited back to your Spin account, and in some cases, Spin Local businesses will even extend you special offers and discounts.

The Halal Guys

That’s right. Spin Local is proud to debut in Seattle alongside The Halal Guys, who are our inaugural our launch partner!

The Halal Guys, an internationally renowned chain that started in New York City, is opening right here in Seattle this Friday, August 11th. So each time you ride a Spin down to get a plate of their world famous chicken over rice, your ride is effectively free by just scanning that QR code right by the cash register.

Over the opening weekend, we’ll be giving customers of The Halal Guys who are new Spin riders $5 in free Spin credits for downloading the app, signing up and scanning. So join us at the grand opening of The Halal Guys by RSVPing here!

Your favorite stores

Spin Local also includes other businesses you love. Not only will you get your ride credited back, some of our partners have a special offer just for riding a Spin over and scanning our code. Starting August 11th, ride over to:

If you’re a business interested in joining Spin Local, shoot us an email at

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