Keep It S-300: Introducing the Spin S-300 E-bike

A young woman stands next to a Spin e-bike, with a helmet hanging on the handlebars and a bag in the front basket.

Think back to your childhood. Chances are, one of your first memories was the freedom and excitement you felt hopping onto your first bike. You could go anywhere and do anything. The world was at your feet.

Bikes play an important part in Spin’s history too. Shortly after our founding in 2017, we launched the first city-permitted stationless bike-share fleet in Seattle. Even as we’ve spent the last few years working with cities, campuses, and business partners to provide world-class dockless e-scooters, the utility and freedom that bikes have to offer has never been far from our minds.

Now, we’re excited to share our passion for bikes once again with the Spin S-300 e-bike. S-300 combines the familiar form factor of a bike with a powerful pedal assist motor. This not only helps you go further and power up tough hills, it ensures you’re refreshed and ready when you get where you’re going.

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza speaking behind a podium with representatives of Spin and city officials standing next to him. He is in front of a ribbon and two e-bikes.
Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza speaks at a news conference announcing the launch of Spin's e-bike share program. Image from WJAR.

S-300’s large, 26” puncture-resistant tires and adjustable seat height ensure a comfortable, uninterrupted ride along the way. It’s robust front storage compartment handles groceries and deliveries with ease. S-300 also features a wireless charging holder for your smartphone, to help you navigate to your destination and make sure you have plenty of juice when you arrive.

As always, safety was a top priority when designing the S-300. Front and rear drum brakes help the S-300 come to a full stop quickly and safely. A rear brake light lets others know you’re slowing down. S-300’s powerful headlight illuminates the roadway, helping you stay visible from 500 feet. Other safety features include a warning bell, highly-visible reflectors, an app-controlled cable lock, and a dual kickstand for parking stability.

Our first fleet of S-300’s hit the picturesque streets of Providence, Rhode Island on June 14. Now, riders can choose between our S-100 7th edition scooters for shorter trips and S-300 for longer commutes, trips, and errands.

The return of e-bikes to Providence gives our residents and visitors another safe and sustainable way to get around,” said Mayor Jorge O. Elorza. “Having the choice of an e-bike or an e-scooter gives riders the opportunity to pick a vehicle that best fits their journey while simultaneously improving transit efficiency in our city. We would like to thank Spin for their partnership in strengthening the Providence community's mobility while also bringing jobs to the area.”

In the coming months, we’re bringing S-300 to cities across the globe to help riders go further, carry more, and see more of what makes their cities great—to keep it S-300. If you’re interested in the S-300 for your city, campus, or business, drop us a line. We’d love to help your community experience the Freedom to Move with S-300.

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