Safety Innovations During COVID-19

Micromobility gives people a safe, socially-distant way to get around at a time when rideshare and public transportation can carry more risk.

Working closely with our city partners, we’ve filled in gaps and helped meet the needs of residents as transportation patterns have changed under stay-at-home orders.

In addition to adjusting deployment zones, here are some of the innovations and initiatives we’re leading to help keep our communities safe during COVID-19.

Cleaner Hands and Safer Streets:

PPE Vending Machines: Vengo, headquartered in New York City, has a network of digital, touchless vending machines, with more than 430 locations in all five NYC boroughs. Many of their kiosks currently distribute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) within MTA subway stations. Spin is working with Vengo to provide free masks and hand sanitizer to promote safe transportation during the pandemic.

Antimicrobial Grips: Our upgraded hand grips provide a safer and cleaner experience for riders. The new hand grips, embedded with zinc oxide particles, are effective in protecting against 99.99% of tested pathogens. Scooters in Miami, FL; Coral Gables, FL; and Chicago, IL are equipped with these new grips and we’re soon rolling them out in Tampa, FL; Essex and Milton Keynes, UK.

Spin Destinations Feature: To keep riders safer on the road, our updated Destinations feature lets riders identify the bike lanes along their journeys toward their destinations.

More Accessible Safety Education During COVID-19 Restrictions: Historically, an important part of rider education has taken place at safety events, but given the pandemic, we brought these lessons, videos, and quizzes online.

On Spin Safe Digital, riders learn to unlock a scooter, park smart, and ride safely during COVID-19. Over 3,000 riders have completed our safety quiz and our content has been viewed nearly 60,000 times.

New Services to Support Essential Workers:

Over 40,000 Trips for Everyday Heroes: One of the first programs we put in place following the start of the pandemic is our Everyday Heroes program. Doctors, nurses, medical assistants, hospital and clinic administrators, janitors, and anyone else who works in a healthcare facility were eligible for unlimited free 30-minute rides.

E-bike Pilot for Restaurant Workers: Spin launched an E-Bike Delivery Program to help restaurants provide another delivery option for their workers amid the pandemic. Starting at $39 a week, bikers received an e-bike, charger, lock and cable, an insulated bag to keep food fresh on the go and, of course, a helmet. Restaurants were also able to buy the e-bikes at a discounted rate.

“It really comes in handy for me, getting around town, being able to pick up and drop off food. And the fact that it’s an electric bike, The deliveries are getting done a lot faster.” — Delivery Driver and E-Bike User in Washington D.C.

Check back for more as we continue to collaborate with our partners on safety solutions that best serve our communities.

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