Spin and Tranzito Take the Emerging Mobility Hub Concept to the Next Level

Spin and Tranzito Take the Emerging Mobility Hub Concept to the Next Level

Curbside e-scooter charging stations, valet parking, discounted helmet sales and more transform the Caltrain SF Bike Station into the Caltrain Mobility Hub

In a time when public transportation ridership is down significantly and traffic congestion in San Francisco is on the rise, linking public transportation to complementary private mobility options could make the recovery quicker for public transit.

Today Spin and Tranzito announced the transformation of the Caltrain SF Bike Station — which Tranzito has operated since 2013 — into a hub that offers an array of mobility options and in-person services set to improve the Spin rider experience. Officially opening on July 6th, The Caltrain SF Mobility Hub includes sixteen charging and parking spaces for e-scooters, along with supplemental scooters that will be housed inside the station.

Two Spin Hubs — parking and charging stations for e-scooters — are situated outside of the Caltrain SF Mobility Hub. Spin has installed hundreds of Spin Hubs across the country to help reduce scooter clutter, improve reliability and connectivity to other mobility services like public transit.

Tranzito staff will also provide in-person services to Spin riders including customer support service, a helmet discount, and daily sweeps to repark improperly parked scooters and assist with valet parking.

“Public transportation will always be the most efficient mode because it has the ability to move millions of people in cities every day. However, because of its fixed nature, it’s not always the most convenient. At a time when people are reconsidering their transportation preferences, we are hoping that the efficiency of public transportation combined with the flexibility of Spin scooters will encourage more people to take a multimodal journey, rather than buying a personal car,” said Alex April, Senior Government Partnerships Manager for Spin. “This partnership proves the essential role e-scooters play in San Francisco’s transportation system.”

Mobility hubs are an emerging concept in transportation, blending private ride options with public transit.

“The landscape in micromobility infrastructure has changed radically,” said Gene Oh, CEO of Tranzito. “The explosion of lightweight electric vehicles (LEV) — scooters, eBikes, one wheels, skateboards — will continue. We help public agencies keep pace with new mobility innovations to ensure mass transit remains the backbone of the new multimodal landscape.”

Spin is working with public agencies and private entities to bring Spin Hubs — parking and charging stations for e-scooters powered by Swiftmile — to corporate campuses, hospitals, hotels, apartment complexes and the public right-of-way. The Tranzito partnership brings Spin’s hub count to a total of three in the City of San Francisco.

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