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Spin Goes Multimodal Adding S-300 Electric Bike to its Vehicle Portfolio

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[SAN FRANCISCO, CA - June 15, 2021] - Spin, the micromobility unit of Ford Motor Company, announced the addition of the Spin S-300, its first electric bike, to its multimodal vehicle portfolio. The company plans to deploy up to 5,000 S-300s in North America and Europe this year. With the launch of S-300, Spin is going back to its dockless bike share roots but this time with an electric pedal-assist bike. As more cities look for micromobility that can help them reduce traffic congestion and pollution in cities, S-300 will provide riders with the ability to travel longer distances, navigate with their smartphone handsfree and carry cargo.

Providence, Rhode Island is the first market where Spin offers both e-scooters and e-bikes. The return of e-bikes to Providence gives our residents and visitors another safe and sustainable way to get around,” said Mayor Jorge O. Elorza. “Having the choice of an e-bike or an e-scooter gives riders the opportunity to pick a vehicle that best fits their journey while simultaneously improving transit efficiency in our city. We would like to thank Spin for their partnership in strengthening the Providence community's mobility while also bringing jobs to the area.”

Spin will offer hundreds of S-300s in Bakersfield, CA; Fort Collins, CO; Atlanta, GA; and Penn State University, among others in the next several months.

“When people see a Spin vehicle, we want them to immediately question why they ever took a personal car for trips under five miles,” said Ben Bear, incoming CEO at Spin. “Our mission is to help create a world full of 15 minute cities. To do that, we need to offer vehicle options that people can rely on to get to school, to work, to the grocery store, or to see friends.”

According to a recent Spin rider survey, 70 percent of survey respondents stated that it's either important to them that they live in a 15-minute city with saving time (79 percent) and avoiding traffic (78 percent) as the top benefits“Reliability and efficiency are incredibly important to our riders. With S-300, we offer a great way to move quickly and safely across a city or campus, and cover many different types of trips. With a top pedal assist speed of 20mph, your whole city becomes closer and faster to reach, making a 15-minute city a reality” said Maxime Veron, Senior Vice President of Design, Marketing and Product. “S-300 gets us closer to being able to offer to everyone the right vehicle at the right place and the right time so that micromobility truly becomes ubiquitous

Main benefits and features of S-300 include:

A powerful e-bike for longer, safer journeys

  • The pedal assist motor up to 20 mph and 100-mile long range swappable battery (compatible with our S-100 7th edition e-scooter) makes the e-bike perfect for trips across town
  • Dual hand braking system including a front and rear drum brake to ensure strong braking power
  • A headlight, rear light and reflectors that ensures visibility from 500 ft. away

A convenient and comfortable ride

  • Unlike other shared e-bikes, S-300 doesn’t require you to switch gears, it does it automatically for you
  • S-300 offers a sturdy basket at the front of the bike to carry up to 25lbs of cargo
  • The smartphone wireless-charging holder allows you to navigate through a city, handsfree
  • Adjustable seat to support a wide range of rider heights

A tidy right-of-way

  • The dual kickstand makes parking convenient and ensures that parked S-300s stay upright and out of the public right of way
  • App-controlled cable lock to encourage proper parking practices

For more information about Spin and S-300, visit here and here. To download the press kit containing visual assets, visit this link.

*Based on 209 Spin rider responses. The average age of riders was 31 with 56% Male and 24% students.

About Spin

Spin is the micromobility unit of Ford Motor Company, operating electric bikes and electric scooters on North American and European cities and campuses. Spin launched the first-ever stationless bike share program in the United States and was instrumental in crafting the world’s first mobility permitting system that is now used around the world. Spin consists of a diverse team of experienced professionals from government and private sectors, and the transportation advocacy world, all of whom are committed to fulfilling the company’s mission- to help create a world full of 15 minute cities.  

Partner With Spin.

Spin is transforming cities and communities by offering accessible, affordable and sustainable forms of personal mobility.

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