The Crossroads of the West

Salt Lake City food truck

Exploring Our Favorite Local Spots in Salt Lake CIty

In this 8-part series, we are shining a light on small businesses in the cities where we currently operate. With so many communities struggling today, we’re inviting you to join us in standing by local establishments you know and love. Each week we’ll feature a different city, highlighting five gems submitted by our riders and employees, and give away $1,000 worth of gift cards to these spots on our Instagram account.

Week 6: Salt Lake City

The stunning snow-capped Wasatch and Oquirrh mountain ranges regale Salt Lake City, often called the Crossroads of the West, with panoramic views. In the shadow of all that natural beauty is a place with a storied history and an exciting future. With a burgeoning tech scene, SLC is referred to, by some, as Silicon Slopes. And in 2016, ranked it the #1 ‘trendy and affordable’ city in the country.

Salt Lake City is also a place dedicated to the success of their independent enterprises. Local First, an alliance “committed to the economic prosperity of locally owned businesses,” educates the public about the importance of shopping locally. Of every dollar spent at a local business, they say, 55¢ stays in Utah, which is four times more than if you used the same dollar at a national retailer!

Given this supportive environment for local ventures, we’re excited to take you on a tour of some of our favorite spots. Thank you to our riders and employees in the area for your submissions along with personal anecdotes. Let’s go!

Maize: Specializing in fresh, flavorful ingredients, including handmade corn tortillas, Maize uses family recipes to deliver authentic Mexican street tacos. They personally recommend the adobada tacos made with pork marinated in adobo sauce. Donna R picked up an order for lunch last week. “Their tacos are so good,” she said. “You can taste the freshness, and the service was friendly and awesome, too.” Grab some food today or purchase a gift card by visiting their website.

Images courtesy of Maize

Sugar Skull Bakery: Rosario Ceron wanted a healthy treat for her kids made with natural ingredients, but she was having a hard time finding one. Given the dearth, she took matters into her own hands and opened Sugar Skull Bakery in 2019. They’re famous for their scones, which are free of artificial colors, flavors, or shortenings. And they have some mouth-watering varieties, including peaches and cream and honey lavender. “I love this place!” remarked Claudia L. “They offer all the deliciousness of a normal treat, just with better ingredients.” Check them out for pick up and gift cards here.

Images courtesy of Sugar Skull Bakery

Normal Ice Cream: Traditional ice cream trucks are known for basic treats such as Bomb Pops, Malt Cups, and those Pink Panther concoctions with gumballs eyes. In 2017, Alexa Norlin helped redefine the genre. She peddled gourmet offerings, like caramel apple sandwiches and passionfruit bars from her truck, located inside Trolley Square. It was a hit with locals, and Norlin has since opened a brick and mortar shop. Désirée D loves the soft serve blood orange sorbet with dark chocolate dip. “When I say heaven in a cone,” she remarked, “I really mean it. That ice cream is like a spiritual experience!” For curbside pickup and gift cards, visit their website.

Images courtesy of Normal Ice Cream

Han’s Kombucha: Han is short for Hanna, as in the young woman who started brewing kombucha in her dorm room closet while getting a degree in public health at the University of Utah. By following her passion for probiotic-packed fermented tea and sharing it with friends, Hannah’s hobby and studies converged serendipitously. In 2018, she sold her first batch of booch to a local tea store and now distributes to 21 retailers. Mickey V loves Han’s. “The pineapple cactus citrus one is amazing!” he said. “I love their backstory, too. The ingenuity of brewing kombucha in a dorm room closet is awesome.” Try one today at your local SLC retailer, or grab a gift card.

Images courtesy of Han’s Kombucha

Diabolical Records: Do people still listen to music on vinyl? Yes, indeed. Diabolical Records can attest to it. Founded by Adam Tye and Alana Boscan, this shop began operations out of a shipping container at Granary Row, in 2013, before moving to their current location. They host award-winning free concerts and specialize in selling hard to find music released on independent labels. Gus M started hanging out at Diabolical when he was 15 years old. “It literally changed my life,” he said. “I fell in love with music there, which prompted me to start a band and eventually pursue a degree in music.” You can support Diabolical Records by purchasing gift cards here.

Images courtesy of Diabolical Records

These five locally-owned spots, and many more, help shape and define the character, personality, and identity of Salt Lake City. So whether you need some tasty tacos, a scrumptious scone, ingenious ice cream, craft kombucha, rocking records, or just want to support your community, now’s the time to show them love.

We’ll see you next week when we land in Denver to spotlight more small businesses.

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