Week One in Seattle

Bike frame

It’s safe to say, Seattleites love Spin.

Last week, Spin became the largest stationless bikeshare operator in North America and the first and only to launch a city-permitted bikeshare fleet. It’s been a wild week here for the team, and we wanted to thank all our riders for their incredible support, and our wonderful local crew in Seattle who’ve been busy at the warehouse assembling and re-balancing bikes. You’ve all been fantastic 🙏.


We Hear You

Over the course of the week, we received a lot of love, and a lot of feedback on how we can improve. We hear you. Spin prides itself on rapidly iterating based on our community’s feedback. We’re inhaling your app suggestions and updating it hourly. And we’ve designed a proprietary supply chain that lets us do the same with our bikes.

With that, we’d like to introduce you to “Twelve”.

A sneak peak from the lab. Shh.

Meet Twelve

Twelve is our newest Spin bike specifically designed based on your feedback, Seattle. Yes it’s still orange. But among its many upgrades, here’s a couple we’re particularly excited about:

Gearing. For a public bikeshare, what matters most is not the number gear ratios (or “speeds”), but the individual gear ratios themselves and the reliability of the hub. We’ve reduced our gear 1 ratio by at least 25%, in our quest to provide the best gear ratio, whether you’re riding up Capitol Hill or down 2nd.

Center mounted dual kickstands. Our new kickstand keeps our bikes upright and stable between rides.

Lights. Instead of a rear reflector, we now have a nifty new solar-powered rear light! And look forward to an all new dynamo front light, which is even more durable and stays on after you stop. Safety first.

Brakes. Our front and back brakes by Minnesota’s Promax will give you even more stopping power as you zip down slopes.

Twelve hits the streets this August. We’d love your feedback once again, as we work towards the perfect bike together.

Wait, There’s More

August feels like forever, so we’ll be upgrading our current fleet with some of Twelve’s signature parts, starting this week. Our mechanics will be all around town, so drop by and say hi!

Time For Stats

In week one, we’re excited to share that we’ve hit 5,008 rides. Our average ride lasts 16.71 minutes, our top user has logged 20 rides, and an average rider has taken 2.7 trips.

This heatmap shows pickup locations for trips over the past week, with downtown U-District, and Fremont being extremely popular spots (obviously).


And a zoomed in view of the downtown area:

Pickups around downtown

But it’s in the drop-offs where things gets interesting:


Compared to pickups, drop-offs are much more dispersed, as seen by the lower concentration of hot spots (more green and less red). In other words, people are riding Spin bikes to where they exactly need to be at, which is the perfect showcase of Spin’s stationless system at play.

Update: We have some awesome new announcements, including the Spin Unlimited membership program and our Seattle Scavenger Hunt.

💕 All Around

We are touched. Seattle, you’ve been awesome.

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