Locally Relevant Terms


Impermissible Parking Locations:

Dockless vehicles must not be parked in a manner that would impede normal and reasonable pedestrian access on a sidewalk or in any manner that would reduce the minimum clear width of a sidewalk to less than forty-eight (48) inches—the minimum clear width allowed under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • Not standing upright.

  • Parked in any way that blocks:

  • Access to or from any building.

  • Transit stops, shelters, or platforms.

  • Commercial loading zones.

  • Railroad tracks or crossings.

  • Passenger loading zones or valet parking service areas.

  • Disabled parking zones.

  • Street furniture that requires pedestrian access (for example, benches or parking meters).

  • Building entryways.

  • Vehicular driveways.

  • Utility access points such as manholes or other doors or hatches on the ground.

  • The reasonable use of any commercial window display.

  • Bicycle rack unless the dockless vehicle is a bicycle or electric bicycle.

  • News rack.

  • That impedes crosswalks or crosswalk landing areas.

  • In areas including right-of-way that has been closed or permitted for events.

  • The travel lane and six-foot pedestrian clear zone in areas without sidewalks.

Additionally, the map (below) outlines the prohibited parking locations. Spin users will be able to see the prohibited parking areas through our mobile app as well. Additionally, prior to launch, Spin will geofence the prohibited areas outlined below as a no-park zone.