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Hi Rider,

At Spin, we are building towards a sustainable future with green and emission-free cities. So is TIER, the world's leading micromobility provider!

Together we can accomplish more and that’s why Spin  has recently joined  TIER in this mission by becoming one company. We’ll be working together in developing the safest, most equitable, and most sustainable micromobility ecosystem for the communities we serve - for you and the area you live in.

Download the TIER app here

  • Spin scooters will be swapped to TIER scooters in Chelmsford, Basildon and Colchester across the month of June.
  • Spin plans to handover to TIER in your city around
    Please look out for further updates on this date.
  • You will need to download the TIER app and create a new account to be able to ride TIER. You will not be able to hire a TIER scooter with your Spin app and account.
  • TIER will be the only legal way to use an e-scooter in Essex as part of trials.
  • In the TIER sign-up process you will need to verify your driving licence so remember to  have it at hand.
  • Any remaining credit you have in your Spin digital wallet will be refunded as Spin leaves your local area.


Enjoy maximum flexibility, independence from traffic and an extra boost of fun.


TIER vehicles are designed with your absolute safety and comfort in mind. Check out TIER's next gen e-scooters to experience the smoothest way to get around your local areacity.


TIER riders have helped save more than 5119 tonnes of CO2 already! Do your part and keep moving sustainably.

Connecting London

TIER operates in London and you’ll be able to  use your account there too.

We are super excited for you to continue riding and being part of the TIER community.

To contact Spin customer care team, please send an email to or call us at 0800 048 8155.

How to ride a Spin e-scooter in

Milton Keynes

Find a Spin e-scooter

Download the Spin App to find where the nearest Spin e-scooter can be found.

Get Ready

Step on, push off, press the throttle and go. Make sure you place both feet on the board.

Slow Down

Pull firmly on the brake lever on the handlebars.


Pricing for Rides

£ 0.20 per minute or buy one of our passes

1 hour @ £5  ❘  2 hours @ £7.50  ❘  24 hours @ £10  ❘  1 week @ £25  ❘  1 month @ £60

Please note scooters are not to be taken home, but left in the riding zone area once you have completed your ride.

What is Spin?

Spin is an e-scooter provider (owned by Ford Motors) currently delivering the DFT approved hire trial in Essex in partnership with Essex County Council and the Borough Councils.

What discount do we offer?

Spin recently launched their Everyday Heroes programme, which provides Essex Police Officers with free 30 minute rides (daily) on our e-scooters to show our gratitude to those working tirelessly on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Spin hopes that this offer of free e-scooter journeys to all Essex Police Officers will help ease the stress of commuting to work and other journeys. Spin currently have scooters deployed in Basildon, Chelmsford, Colchester, and Clacton-on-Sea.

How can you redeem the discount?

To redeem your free e-scooter rides please click the link to fill in the application form and upload an image of your Essex Police Sports Association membership card.

Get the Discount Code

Ride Responsibly

Complete the training via the app before your first ride

Please wear a helmet

Never ride on the pavement

Stick to designated cycle lanes where possible

Only ride on roads with a speed limit of 30 mph or less

Park responsibly and never block access for other road users, including driveways, bus stops and shop entrances

We recommend that you wear a reflective vest or jacket when it is dark, for your own safety

One person per scooter

Ride sober

You must be 18+ and have a valid provisional or full driving licence

Safety Videos

Video tutorials and online safety demos to help you ride safely

Nurse using the Spin App

Are you a National Health Service employee?

If you live in this city, you qualify for free 30-minute rides through our Everyday Heroes programme. Tap below to sign up today.

Apply Here

Sharing experiences of blind and partially sighted people in rental e-scooter trial areas.

The RNIB will be feeding their findings back to the Department of Transport throughout the trial period. Please see this link.

Unlocking questions for spin e-scooters: Guidance and advice module with quiz from our partner London Vision, who represent more than 2 million people in the UK live with sight loss. Click here to learn more.

Park Respectfully

Be mindful and avoid blocking pavements, access ramps, bus stops, and landscaped areas.

Park your e-scooter by the edge of the pavement (closest 
to the street), near bike racks, or in designated e-scooter 
drop zones.

Safety Measures - COVID-19

During Covid-19, we’ve enhanced our sanitization and safety protocols and created a designated COVID-19 Operations task force to monitor new guidelines and establish new procedures based on updated guidance.

We make sure that our team wash their hands and wears the appropriate PPE when handling e-scooters. All scooters are sprayed with disinfectant every day. The transport vehicle is sanitised daily and each e-scooter leaving the warehouse is sprayed before it is being deployed.


Essential Rides: Be sure to follow local government and public health orders when riding.

Wear a cloth mask whenever you go out in public and ride Spin.

Ride Solo: For safety purposes and for social distancing recommendations, maintain six feet of distance between yourself and others.

Wash Your Hands Before and After Riding: Gloves can also be worn as an additional preventative measure.

Need to Contact Us?

Please contact us at
0800 048 8155

Please contact our our partner - Essex County Council via
0800 048 8155


Partner With Spin.

Spin is transforming cities and communities by offering accessible, affordable and sustainable forms of personal mobility.

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