Pittsburgh's Thriving Mobility Program: Embracing Continuous Improvement for Sustainable and Equitable Transportation

Pittsburgh's Thriving Mobility Program

June 2, 2023 — As we approach the 2-year anniversary of our mobility service in the City of Pittsburgh, we wanted to take a moment to briefly highlight a number of positive impacts from our successful public-private partnership with the Pittsburgh Mobility Collective (PMC). 

We’re proud to share that the PMC is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the United States, pulling together a broad coalition of mobility providers and public transport partners to provide local residents with an equitable, well-integrated, and responsibly-run operation that advances the City’s goal of broadening access to sustainable and affordable modes of transportation. 

So how did we get here? 

  1.  Introduction to the Pittsburgh Mobility Collective (PMC)
Community meeting as part of the public engagement process led by Spin and the PMC

On April 25, 2019, DOMI issued a competitive RFP for a Mobility Demonstration Project which was subsequently awarded to the Pittsburgh Mobility Collective, led by Spin. Born out of a broad coalition of public and private stakeholders, Spin and the PMC initiated a public engagement process beginning in early 2019 that involved multiple meetings with residents, local community organizations, and public officials to inform the design and public policy priorities of the group. 

After a 2-year plus process, we officially launched our mobility service on July 9, 2021 in close collaboration with the City of Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI). As one of the first integrated (MaaS) micromobility systems of its kind in the United States, we invested significantly in installing docked charging stations with free public messaging in high traffic areas across the central parts of the city. We also brought the latest technology to ensure local residents had the safest and most reliable scooters available. 

  1. Key Statistics & Achievements 

Our thriving mobility service in Pittsburgh has achieved a number of milestones over the last two years that set it apart and make it a compelling model for other cities to emulate. 

At a high-level, this includes:

  • Over 1 million scooter trips completed with 213,000+ unique riders
  • Average 10,000 scooter trips per week
  • A highly inclusive service with over 45% of riders making less than 50k per year, making Pittsburgh a national leader for mobility equity 
  • $143,000+ in revenue share with the City of Pittsburgh  raised to support local investments in safe parking infrastructure
  • Launching one of the first Universal Basic Mobility projects in the country
  1. Future Innovations & Program Enhancements

As utilization of e-scooters has seen continued growth over the last 2 years, we are committed to investing in elements of our service most critical to rider and pedestrian safety, as well as inclusivity and equity. The initiatives below represent our latest programmatic investments in our partnership with the City of Pittsburgh and DOMI. 

  1. Expanded Parking Corrals: We are excited to announce our initiative to expand the current 180 parking corral network in Pittsburgh. This project aims to combat congestion and address the issue of poor parking behavior. In collaboration with DOMI and key stakeholders our plan involves strategically installed dedicated parking corrals in high-demand areas. These corrals will encourage responsible parking practices, alleviate congestion and improve traffic flow. Through this expansion we aim to create a more sustainable and user-friendly urban environment for both riders and pedestrians.
  2. Sidewalk Riding Detection: Spin is currently conducting a pilot of sidewalk riding detection technology capable of identifying when an individual is riding on a sidewalk. With this technology, we can use custom in-app messages and audio alerts to positively influence riders, discourage sidewalk use, and protect pedestrians. Following the anticipated results from the pilot program, our intent is to expand this technology to our entire fleet. Additionally, we intend to leverage the data collected from the pilot program in close partnership with DOMI to make informed decisions regarding infrastructure planning and the placement of corrals.
  3. Expanded Spin Access Low-Income Program: On May 24, 2023, we enhanced our Spin Access program to offer up to five (5) free 30-minute trips per day to all qualified residents enrolled in Spin Access. We took this step to proactively improve the inclusivity and diversity of our service by removing financial barriers to those who could most benefit from it. To qualify for our Spin Access program, local residents in Pittsburgh must have an income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Specifically, $55,500, or less for a family of four (4), and $27,180 or less for a single-person. See below for an example of our Spin Access promotion flyers:

Looking ahead, we recognize we can always improve and continuously strive to do better, and we look forward to building on our track record of success as the program enters its next phase. 

For more information on our Spin Access equity pricing program in Pittsburgh, please contact Brit Moller, Head of Public Policy at

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