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Don’t be a ‘walk blocker

When you park your scooter or bike, please be mindful of others who may have difficulties with vision or mobility. Avoid blocking sidewalks, access ramps, doorways, and bus stops.

Obey local traffic laws

Stop at all red lights and stop signs, ride with the flow of traffic, and always yield to pedestrians. One rider per vehicle and riders must be 18+. As a rider, you have the rights and responsibilities of someone driving a car. You are just having more fun.

Click it before you kick it

Always wear a helmet to ride Spin. Is any outfit really complete without one?

Spin in the street

You are most visible to drivers when riding in the bike lane or street. Riding over grass, gravel, or the sidewalk edge can cause you to lose control of your scooter or fall. Stay safe, and stay off the sidewalk.

Stay safe and alert

Look ahead of you, not down at the wheels or at your phone. Watch for turning cars, especially at driveways and intersections. No headphones, please.

You must be 18+ to ride Spin

Check your local traffic rules to verify that you are eligible to ride a motorized scooter or bicycle.

Start slow

Especially if this is your first time on a scooter or e-bike, take it slowly at first. Always test out the throttle and brakes before continuing your ride.

Stay relaxed

Relaxing your body will help you absorb bumps in the road, and react with more control if the unexpected happens.

Stay Clear of Large & Turning Vehicles

Stay well back from heavy vehicles. Be aware of blind spots: If you can’t see the driver, the driver can’t see you. Look both ways to watch for turning vehicles when crossing driveways and intersections.

Always Yield to Pedestrians

Always let people walking go first and keep the crosswalk clear. Remember people with disabilities can’t always see or hear you, or tell how far away you are.

Ride Sober

If you wouldn’t drive, you shouldn’t ride. Riding while under the influence of drugs or alcohol risks serious injury.

One Rider per Spin

It is not safe to ride with more than one person at a time, or with packages attached to the handle bars.

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How to Ride

Open the Spin app and scan the vehicle QR code. Place one foot on the baseboard of the scooter. Give yourself a gentle kickstart with your other foot and lightly engage the throttle. Press “go” to increase your speed, and pull the handbrake on your left to slow down. Keep two hands on the handlebars and two feet on the base at all times.

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