People and their streets matter.

Everyone has a right to move safely around their community safely without a car. Spin is in the privileged position to support those fighting for safe, livable and just streets. We want our riders to have the best possible experience. When the streets on which they ride are safe and accessible for all, our riders are guaranteed a better journey.

Now is the time for transformation.

Advocates have been working for decades to redesign streets for people. But now millions of new e-scooter and bike-share users are on the road, adding new voices in support of returning our cities’ spaces to people. Now is the time to harness this energy and momentum and make change that lasts.

Take Action.

If you are a 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 focused on micromobility, or making streets safe, livable and just, and are looking for support from Spin on a street safety, livability or justice issue or project, use the form below to connect with the Spin Streets team.

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Spin is transforming cities and communities by offering accessible, affordable and sustainable forms of personal mobility.

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