Partnership Promise

Since day one, our Partnership Promise has shaped the way we operate as a company and work with our partners. Our Partnership Promise is our foundation, and we will always stay true to these five guiding principles.


Protect people and be accountable for safety outcomes.


Operate only with permission and in compliance with regulations.


Make streets work for all people, especially the most vulnerable.


Build a team and rider base that reflects diverse communities.


Reduce carbon emissions continuously.


Share data with transportation agencies and protect user privacy.

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“We appreciate Spin’s partnership, which lowered the cost for e-scooter use for all Portlanders and provided an outdoor, healthy transportation option, as other options became more limited during Covid. We look forward to seeing how e-scooters help meet community needs.”

Dylan Rivera, Portland Bureau of Transportation
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“The team at Spin are pros. We appreciate their ability to learn, adapt, and overcome.”

Steve Birtman, Micromobility Program Manager, City of Tallahassee
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The Spin Difference


Safety is our top priority, and it’s at the core of everything we do. From first-time rider training events to our Spin Safe digital education program, we ensure our riders are knowledgeable and safe on the road. Meanwhile, our Safe Streets infrastructure investments work to build safe, liveable, and just streets for all. Additionally, our product and hardware teams are constantly innovating to bring the safety vehicles to our cities.

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We’re committed to improving access to transportation for all. Our Spin Access program provides those without smartphones, or credit cards with access to our scooters, and gives discounted fares to those who qualify. Additionally, we deploy a percentage of our fleet in neighborhoods with inadequate public transportation options.

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Data Sharing

Mobility data provides unprecedented value for program oversight, policy, and planning purposes. That is why we’ve always committed to sharing data with our partners while ensuring that user privacy is protected. Check out some of our data sharing initiatives.

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Nearly all of our local operations teams are employed— not contracted— and receive rigorous training on the maintenance and deployment of Spin scooters. Our W2 workforce model sets us apart as a company committed to operational excellence and community engagement in every city we operate in.

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Spin modernizes cities by offering innovative electric vehicle parking and charging infrastructure, called Spin Hubs. Spin Hubs keep scooters parked neatly in highly trafficked areas while contributing to a lower carbon footprint. With the addition of digital displays, Hubs can show local transit information and public service announcements, making Hubs a key attraction of a smart city.

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We understand that safety is a combination of both rider behavior and the environment around us. That’s why we invest funding and resources towards infrastructure projects that make our streets safer and more accessible to all. From painted intersections to protected bike lanes, our Streets team works to create safe, livable, and just streets for all.

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Commitment to Sustainability

Spin aims to establish a new precedent as a mobility operator and community partner, and prove that micromobility is a powerful, transparent, and accountable ally in the fight against climate change.Spin will achieve net negative emissions by 2025 - removing more emissions than we produce - through electrified operations, renewable power, lower manufacturing impacts, and aggressive mode shift away from private automobiles.


Partner With Spin.

Spin is transforming cities and communities by offering accessible, affordable and sustainable forms of personal mobility.

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