Considering scooters on your campus?

Our scooters come at no cost to university administration.


Campus experience is critical to enrollment and retention goals and competition for the best students is fierce. Our data shows just how much students love the fun, convenience, and affordability of scooters on campus.


Commuter issues like parking and traffic congestion need innovative solutions. A properly-managed scooter program can reduce car trips and ease stress on other transit options.


Sustainability is crucial  to the long-term health of our universities and communities , and we know that emissions and single occupancy vehicle trips will only continue to rise if we don’t offer viable and popular alternatives. Scooters support sustainability goals by reducing car trips and encouraging active transportation.

University Partners

See our current list of University partners. Check back often as we quickly expand across the globe.



American University
Auburn University
Boise State University
Brown University
Carnegie Melon University
Colorado State University, Fort Collins
Duke University
Eastern Michigan University
Emory University
Kent State University
Michigan State University
North Carolina State University
Oakland University
Ohio State University
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
Pennsylvania State University
Texas State University, San Marcos
The University of Akron
University of Arkansas
University of California San Diego
University of California, Berkeley
University of Central Florida
University of Florida
University of Georgia
University of Michigan
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
University of Utah
Vanderbilt University

The Spin Difference

We operate scooter programs in partnership with more than 28 universities across the United States, varying in size, enrollment, and environment. Each partnership is built on a foundation of trust, communication
and transparency.

A hallmark of our campus programs is operational excellence,
which we achieve through a workforce of W-2 employees. Our collaborative approach means we’re here every step of the way. Before launch, we work together on key areas like geofencing.

deployment locations, safety, and rider education. Once a program is underway, we communicate proactively with our University partners and provide regular reporting and world-class support.
It is a privilege to operate on campuses and we consider ourselves to be serving at the pleasure of the university administration.

Safety on Campus

Through in-person events and digital education, we make sure all students and faculty are knowledgeable about safe riding practices.

Learn More About Safety

Spin Hubs on Campus

Hubs keep scooters organized and charged, reducing clutter and ensuring availability.

Learn More About Spin Hubs

University Partner Resources

Check out our library of university-issued RFPs for micro-mobility programs. Submit your information for access

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