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How to ride a Spin E-bike in Kelowna

1. Find a Spin E-Bike

Download the Spin App to find where the nearest Spin E-bike or Scooter can be found.

2. Get Ready

Remove the pin to unlock. Before riding, remember to store the above the back wheel.

3. Using the Kickstand

Roll the bike forward to raise the kickstand. With the pedal away from you, step on the kickstand and pull towards you to lower.

4. End Ride

Insert pin into the side of the wheel to lock the bike then end your trip.

Ride Responsibly

Complete the training via the app before your first ride

Always wear a helmet - helmets are now available and attached to both e-bikes and scooters.

Never ride on the sidewalk

Stick to bicycle lanes whenever possible

Park responsibly and never block access for others. Please leave walkways, ramps and doorways clear

One person per bike or scooter, only the person who rents is permitted to ride

Spin sober, If you wouldn’t drive, you shouldn’t ride

You must be 18+ and have a valid license or government-issued identification

Do's & Don'ts

The Do's

  • Park your e-bike or scooter upright in the 'furniture zone,' in line with bike racks, benches, trees and garbage bins.
  • Consider the needs of residents using mobility devices and wheelchairs.
  • When possible, lock your e-bike to a bike rack.
  • Do a quick inspection of your e-bike or scooter before using it, check that the brakes work and there is air in both tires.
  • Wear a helmet when riding an e-bike and scooter.
  • Yield to pedestrians while riding. When approaching a crosswalk, scan left and right for pedestrians.
  • Follow the traffic laws. When riding, ride on the right and use hand signals to indicate your turns.

The Don'ts

  • Don't park in a way that will block or inhibit other sidewalk users, including those in wheelchairs who likely need more room to get by.
  • Don’t assume that drivers can see you, especially when riding on roads with no designated bike lanes.
  • At transit stops, don't block the boarding zone, either at the front or the rear.
  • Don't park on narrow sidewalks.
  • Don't block curb letdowns.
  • Don’t block doors, driveways, ramps, stairs, handrails, or other access points.
  • Don’t park on narrow sidewalks.

Think you're a Spin Safe pro?

Take the quiz and find out. Score 100% to receive a promo code.

Where to ride + park

You can ride Spin e-bikes and scooters on bicycle paths and most places around town. If unsure, check your app for guidance or see the maps below.

Preferred Parking Spots

Earn credit towards your next ride by ending your trip at Preferred Parking Spots. Remember to follow all parking rules in The Do’s and The Dont’s above.

No Riding, No Parking, and Slow Zones

There are some areas where riding and / or parking is prohibited for the safety of yourself and others.

Red: No Riding, No Parking
Purple: No Parking
Green: Slow Zones

Pricing for Rides

CAD$1 to unlock and CAD$0.35 per minute of riding + tax.

Try S-300 with a $5 free ride credit with promo code: KELOWNA5 New users only

Spin Pass

For a flat rate, receive a block of ride minutes and waived unlock fees.

1 Hour Pass: CAD $3.99
24 Hour Pass: CAD $14.99
3-Day Pass: CAD $24.99

Passes subject to availability.

Please note Spin E-Bikes and scooters are not to be taken home, but left in the riding zone area once you have completed your ride.

Terms & Conditions

Our first priority is your safety. Please review the safety information here before taking your first ride. More detailed terms and conditions are available here.

Partner With Spin.

Spin is transforming cities and communities by offering accessible, affordable and sustainable forms of personal mobility.

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