City of Phoenix: A Model for Moving Micromobility Forward


A few weeks ago, the City of Phoenix launched its next iteration, permanent shared micromobility program. We were thrilled to be re-selected as the #1 preferred operator for the City, and to continue partnering with them to make continuous improvements. Together, we are 100% committed to delivering a best-in-class micromobility service with a clear focus on affordability, accessibility, and sustainability to benefit the entire community. 

With its new program in place, we want to acknowledge the City of Phoenix for leading the industry towards a stronger and more effective public-private partnership. It’s a model for the design of win-win policies that benefit both local residents and private companies alike. 

Here's what we mean by that: 

  • Limited Vendor Program: The City of Phoenix wisely reduced the number of operators from five (5) to two (2), which enabled them to significantly raise operational standards and only select the best performing companies with strong records. Nobody wants five (5) e-scooter or e-bike companies with a bunch of different apps to download. That’s been tried and tested and the results are dismal. This leads to an oversupply of devices, sidewalk clutter and accessibility concerns, and a race to the bottom where no company can run a sustainable business. Instead, sometimes less is more, and that’s certainly the case for creating a successful micromobility program that upholds high-quality operational standards and promotes financial viability in the long-run. 
  • Multi-Year Contract Award: The City of Phoenix struck a reasonable balance by offering an extended 3-year contract, conditioned on meeting high performance standards and expectations. Residents want a micromobility service they can depend on, while private operators benefit from greater business certainty. The result is a win for all parties: riders can rely on a continuous service, while cities and private operators can build a more meaningful partnership with a shared vision in mind. 
  • Multimodal program: We are now pleased to offer residents a mix of mobility options from pedal bikes and e-bikes to our latest Spin 6 e-scooters. The reality is some people prefer shared e-bikes, others e-scooters. Nearly everyone prefers a single app that provides both options. That’s exactly what the City of Phoenix achieved with the design of its new shared micromobility program. To make our service more inclusive, we also offer multiple adaptive devices, including an adaptive three-wheeled scooter with a seat. With a mix of options, we can better meet the diverse needs and preferences of the broader community. 

To see our new Spin 6 e-scooter in action, click here.

With these win-win policies, the City has created a path for shared success. It’s also worth noting that these program developments are also well-suited to the moment. Today, shared micromobility companies are confronting a new economic reality that comes with pressing business constraints. The previous focus on growth has been replaced by a laser-focused and urgent push towards long-term financial viability. As such, it’s important for cities and operators to work together to build a more mutually beneficial public-private partnership that advances local sustainability and transportation goals, while improving operating conditions. 

Lastly, we want to give a big shout out to our local Operations team in Phoenix, led by experienced veterans Damien Villa and Zion Childers. Our fully in-house team of W-2 employees is responsible for the day-to-day work of deploying our devices and upholding the highest safety standards in the industry. We look forward to continually growing our team to better reflect and serve the Phoenix community, and to provide more sustainable transportation options for residents and visitors to experience all the City has to offer.

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