District of Columbia: Expanding our Shared Mobility Service with a Commitment to Equity and Accessibility


Today, we are thrilled to announce a major expansion of our highly popular micromobility service – with over 3,500 new devices: 2,500 new Spin 6 e-scooters, 1,000 e-bikes, and several adaptive device options with seats  – to better serve ALL residents and visitors of the District. 

Building on our four-year successful history in the District, our riders will now have access to a multi-modal suite of micromobility options with a host of cutting edge safety features. 

Before diving into the details, we first want to give props to the District staff for designing a new Shared Fleet Device Program that prioritizes equity, compliance performance, and first-rate local operations above all else. For too long some micromobility companies have operated a below-standard service made up of “gig workers'', independent contractors, or even franchisees. This lack of investment in local operations generally leads to a poor quality service. By notably raising operating standards and kicking out low-performing companies in this new program, the District has rightly put residents first. 

In particular, a few features of the new program and our growing service are worth highlighting: 

  1. Highly Equitable Service: Through an expansion of our Spin Access equity program, we are proud to offer eligible low-income residents unlimited free fifty (50) minute trips – above the thirty (30) minutes required – to account for the time it takes to travel from one side of the District to another. We want our riders to feel safe and use our devices responsibly without concern for incurring additional fees when taking longer trips. Currently, an impressive 5.7% of all Spin trips  are taken by local low- income riders. Since the precise location and availability of our devices makes a big difference on who actually uses our service, we also make a concerted effort to equitably distribute our e-scooters and e-bikes across all Wards. Such widespread availability directly benefits those without a smartphone or computer by locating scooters within walking distance. As our compliance performance graph below indicates, we have a 100% track record of making our mobility service accessible to riders across every Ward in the District. 

Performance History - Equitable Distribution of Devices across all Wards

  1. Multi-Modal Service with Leading Safety Technology: With our newly expanded service, residents will now have access to several additional mobility options to choose from, including Spin e-bikes and e-scooters with seats. Our new Spin 6 e-scooter also comes equipped with leading safety features, such as turn signals, a larger 12” inch front wheel, wireless phone charger,  and several on-board sensors to detect safe riding practices. All our devices also come with App-integrated locking mechanisms to better enforce safe parking for pedestrians and those with disabilities. Lastly, we are also proud to offer multiple adaptive options as part of our commitment to making our service inclusive. This includes a four-wheeled electric wheelchair and an adaptive three-wheeled scooter with a seat. Both adaptive options are readily available for free personal delivery. 

To see our new Spin 6 e-scooter in action, click here.

  1. Fewer Operators, Higher Quality Service: The District notably raised its performance standards and reduced the number of operators from six (6) to four (4) for the new program. Based on our established track record, Spin was selected as the #1 preferred operator due to our experienced local team, strong compliance performance, and equitable pricing and distribution practices. We owe enormous credit to our fully in-house, W2 employee operations team. Nearly every local employee lives in the District and takes pride in making sure it’s available and accessible to their communities. 

At the end of the day, we believe a micromobility service is only as successful as the people who actually manage it day-to-day on the ground. In this case, we are very lucky to have Eric Westbrooks and Matias Longo, our experienced local leaders, who are responsible for continuously improving our service and being present in the community. Over the next two years, we look forward to building on our strong commitment to the District and to further advance our shared goals of prioritizing equity, accessibility, and sustainability. 

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