Spin Scooters parked in a city

Scooter Availability

Spin Scooters parked in a city

Want to take a Spin? Download the Spin app via Apple Store or Google Play and use the in-app map to see where the nearest scooter is.

Don’t have a smartphone? Call our Support team at 1-888-249-9698 and they can help you out.

Membership Programs

Spin Access

Riders with low-incomes are eligible to receive discounted rides. Learn more and apply here.

A man using the Spin App
A man using the Spin App

Terms & Conditions

Our first priority is your safety. Please review the safety information here before taking your first ride. More detailed terms and conditions are available here.

Partner With Spin.

Spin is transforming cities and communities by offering accessible, affordable and sustainable forms of personal mobility.

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