Spin is proud to offer Spin Access, which provides access to our scooters for people without smartphones, mobile location services, or credit cards. Spin Access also provides discounted fares for those who qualify.



I have a limited income and want to ride at a discount

Spin Access offers a variety of cheaper ride rates to users with limited incomes depending on the city you’re in and your status. You may be eligible if:

  • You are enrolled in an official city, state, or federal support program with a low income requirement (such as SNAP, TANF, WIC, HUD Housing Choice Voucher, or LIHEAP). Or,

  • You ride in San Francisco and are a full-time college student.

In either case, you must provide proof of enrollment and address. If you’re not sure of your status or documentation, apply anyway, and we’ll work with you to figure it out.

Please apply using this online form.

The Spin Access team will work to get you onboard. Once you have your Spin Access code, follow the steps listed below under Unlocking a Ride.

If you don’t have access to the internet, please call 1-888-262-5189 and our Support team will do all they can to help.


If you have limited income…

No smartphone, no credit card: you can use our text-based (SMS) system to unlock scooters. Please apply online and we’ll get you set up with a special code to use over our SMS system.

A smartphone but no credit card: you can use our app to get access to scooters, but may need to purchase a prepaid debit card to set yourself up in the app. Please apply online and we’ll get you the right instructions.

If you don’t have limited income…

No smartphone, no credit card: you are still able to use our text-based system to unlock scooters if you already have ride credit. If not, in some cities you can purchase ride credit in cash or with a prepaid debit card at one of our facilities (see below). We know this isn’t ideal, and we’re working on better solutions.

No smartphone, but you have a credit card: in certain cities only (see below under In-person visits), you may purchase Spin Access ride credit in person with cash (or credit and debit card, where available) at a local Spin office. The minimum purchase amount is $10. You can then use that ride credit via our text-based system to unlock and ride.

Smartphone but no credit card: you can use our app to get access. You’ll need to purchase a prepaid debit card in the amount of at least $10, and add it to the app.

If you want to ride in San Francisco…

In-person visits

In Chicago, IL, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, CA, Portland, OR and Chula Vista, CA, only, you may buy Spin Access ride credit at a local Spin office. Transactions are cash only, with the exception of our office in Portland, OR, which accepts credit cards.

Your Spin Access card may look like this.

Your Spin Access card may look like this.

In Chicago:

  • 3219 W Carroll Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60624: open 7 am - 8 pm Monday-Saturday*.

In Chula Vista:

  • 5131 Santa Fe Street, San Diego, CA, 92109: open 12 pm - 5 pm Monday-Friday.

In Los Angeles:

  • 3751 S Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA: open 9 am - 1 pm Monday to Friday.

In Portland:

  • 5050 NE 112th Avenue, Portland, OR, 97220: open 10 am - 3 pm, Monday-Friday.

In Washington, D.C.:

  • 5400 Tuxedo Road, Hyattsville, MD: open 8 am - 6 pm Monday-Friday.

Please note that, at time of purchase, we will be required to record your full name and telephone number.

*Spin Access in Chicago is managed by our partners at Breakthrough.

Unlocking a ride

Once you have a Spin Access promo code, you can use it in the following ways:


If you have a smartphone:

  1. Download the Spin app.

  2. Under “Free Rides” in the menu, select “Your promos”, then tap “Add Promo Code”.

  3. Enter the promotional code you received from the Spin team or scratched off on the back of the Spin Access card. Select “Add” to confirm.

  4. Use the app to locate and unlock a scooter.


If you do not have a smartphone:

  1. Text your Spin Access code to (206) 800-6703, to get registered.

  2. Find a scooter, and look for its vehicle number. This is usually located underneath the QR code, and sometimes also on the stem beneath the handlebars.

  3. Text “unlock” and the vehicle number to (206) 800-6703 to unlock, e.g. “unlock 12345”.

  4. To lock the vehicle and end your ride, text “lock” to the same number.

  5. Text “balance” to the same number to be informed of your current credit on the account, if any.

Enjoy the ride!


If you’re having trouble with any aspect of the Spin Access program, or have any questions, please reach out. You can find us on the web, by e-mail, or by dedicated support line:

On the web: www.spin.pm and clicking on the “live chat” icon in the lower right-hand corner

By e-mail: support@spin.pm

By phone: 1-888-262-5189